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May I drop off my child to play?

No. Children must be accompanied and supervised by a Caregiver at all times. 


How many children am I allowed to bring?

No more than 4 children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years old per Caregiver during a Play Session


May I use the play space with my child?

Yes. We encourage Caregivers to enjoy the play space with their children!


Do I have to take off my shoes?

Yes. Inside the gated play space is socks-only for all adults and children (no shoes, no bare feet). Socks with grips recommended.

What if I don’t have socks?

We have child and adult sized socks available to purchase and keep. 


Do you have a maximum capacity?

Yes. The maximum capacity in the play space is 20 children per Play Session. 


I have a child that’s older than 6 years old; can they play in the play space?

No. We do not allow children over 6 years old in the play space during Play Sessions. We do have puzzles, games, activity books, and Wi-Fi that older children are welcome to use in the Cafe area. Children over 6 years old are welcome in the play space during Private Events. 


May I bring my own food and drink?

*No. We offer a wide range of allergen-friendly snacks and beverages for purchase at the Cafe.  You are welcome to bring your own water bottles and sippy cups for water as well as bottles to feed babies. 

*Exception: We encourage you to stop at our neighboring coffee shop, EB Coffee & Pub to pick up a beverage on your way in and enjoy it in our Cafe!


Can I eat or drink inside the gated play space?

No. You are welcome to enjoy your snacks and beverages at a table in the Cafe area or at the high top tables overlooking the play space. 


I’m breastfeeding; what accommodations are available for me?

We are a breastfeeding-friendly facility and encourage you to feed your child however you feel comfortable. If you would like additional privacy, please ask! 


What happens if I leave something behind?

Please ensure you have all your personal items when you leave, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you realize you’ve left something behind, please come retrieve it as soon as possible. We do have a lost and found that will be donated on a regular basis. 


Do you have highchairs?

Yes. We have 2 highchairs available for use in the Cafe area. 


Play Passes & Memberships


How long is each Play Session?

Each play session is 2 hours long


Do I need to purchase a Play Pass for adults, infants or older children?

No. Adults, babies in arms, and children over 6 years old are always free! When booking a Play Session online, only select the number of children out of arms - 6 years old. 

How much does a Play Pass cost?

  • $10 - Single Play Pass (one pass per child)

  • $40 - 5 Play Pass bundle ($8/pass)


How much does a Play Pass Membership cost?

  • $28 per month - 4 Play Pass Membership ($7/pass)

  • $48 per month - 8 Play Pass Membership ($6/pass)

  • $60 per month - 12 Play Pass Membership ($5/pass)


Do Play Passes expire?

Yes, 5 Play Passes bundle expires 3 months from purchase date. 


Who can use my Play Pass bundle or Play Pass Membership?

Play Pass bundles and Play Pass Memberships are not tied to a specific child and may be used for siblings, cousins or friends. Other Caregivers may use them at the discretion of the Caregiver who made the purchase.


What if I don’t use all the Play Passes included in my Membership in a month?

Unused Play Passes do not roll over and will be forfeited at the end of each month. 


Can I upgrade or downgrade my Play Pass Membership?

Yes. You may upgrade/downgrade your Play Pass Membership any time before the next billing cycle. Your new membership tier will be effective at the beginning of the new billing cycle. 


Can I cancel my Play Pass Membership?

Yes. You may cancel your Play Pass Membership at any time before the next billing cycle. 


Do I have to make a reservation for a Play Session?

No. However, we highly recommend making a reservation to guarantee availability!


Do you allow walk-ins for a Play Session?

Yes. Any unreserved spots leading up to each Play Session will be made available for walk-ins 15 minutes prior to the beginning of every Play Session. 


Can I cancel or reschedule my reservation?

Yes.  You may log into your account to cancel or reschedule your reservation up to a half hour before your scheduled Play Session time begins.   

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